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Please support our Work and the Shelter108 Projects!

We need your help to give vulnerable children, teenagers and young adults a future and to provide much-needed protection for their culture and their environment.

You can...

• make an online donation through > PayPal

• make an uncommitted donation or a donation for a specific purpose / project (e.g. our Dolpo Hostel in Kathmandu, TCV) through normal bank transfer

We are so grateful for general donations! We would be very thankful if you would designate part of your donation to Shelter108 a non-appropriated gift. The reason is very simple: in any organisation you have to meet costs for rent, book-keeping, telecommunications, office eqipment and postage etc. Very occasionally we have to find funds to cover travel to check up on the progress of projects. Obviously for sponsors and donors this can be a somewhat sensitive matter. And it is one which every professional and successful association has to face at some stage.

Please give us your full name and address for donations over EUR 200 either with the bank transfer or by e-mail. We need this to give you a donation certification. For donations up to EUR 200 all you need for the tax office is the receipt for your transfer from your bank.

Account Details for Donations

Bank Name: Volksbank Köln Bonn e.G.
IBAN: DE58 3806 0186 4505 6120 14

• become a Shelter108 charity patron from just EUR 60 per year

By becoming a charity patron you can strengthen our organisation and help us complete our projects successfully. Your sponsor membership is so important to us because this is the only way to ensure that our organisation will be able continue to help. We still need a significant number of charity patrons!
> charity patron application form

• become a sponsor for a Tibetan child, teenager or young adult
> information about sponsorships and donations
> SEPA Direct Debit Mandate for Sponsorship Application
> SEPA Direct Debit Mandate for Charity Patron Application

• inform others about Shelter108 by passing on our Shelter108-Flyer (PDF download) > Shelter108-Flyer (English version)

If you have any further questions or suggestions please drop us a line: > info(at)

Thank you very much for your engagement and support!

Jörg Arnold
Chairman Shelter108 e.V.